No Fracking In The Wasteland

Empire Generating Co.

Empire Generating Co.


Controversial 178-mile-long parallel pipelines proposed for NY’s Hudson Valley/Northern NJ

Background Details

Ever since I was young, I knew that Somalia was a shit-hole. I’ve never been there and its existence has no bearing on my life, but I knew it. It was something that stuck in my mind, although I couldn’t explain my reasoning. I just knew, without any idea of the history or culture of this far away place. I was young and it was easier to plant ideas in my head, even stupid ideas, which I would politely accept. I had a lot of questions, because at that same time I was only curious about the place because the United States had to intervene in the area. When that intervention turned ugly we left. That’s about the breadth of my knowledge.

Aid still filters into most countries that we helped destroy. Money is one of the great Band-Aids of our history. I never knew that either as a boy.

Why am I discussing a third-world country in reference to a small town that nobody knows within the United States? Because it’s a prime example of what happens once those in power have what they want. This isn’t a Somali problem. This is happening in our backyards… MY backyard… LITERALLY. They come, like conquistadors, as in the Spanish to the Aztecs, who claimed to be ‘blessing’ the heathen indigenous cultures with Christianity, before they perpetrated the most extensive genocide in history. They’ll claim to be ‘providing opportunities’, but their “opportunities” are akin to those that a shark brings to the Pilot Fish. They’ll enter your town, like a virus infecting a healthy cell. They’ll devour everything vital and leave your town as a hollowed-out husk. Somalia is a reminder that some corporations will do anything to maintain profit-margins, justifying their means, but for surrounding areas it means stealing and corrupting everything that makes you vital.

In North Dakota, (where the link at the top opens) the expeditions for Bakken oil have led to the expulsion of 275,000 tons of methane per year..  For those who don’t know, methane is bad.

In Hoosick Falls, New York just a few months ago Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics and Honeywell International perpetrated the same injustice and the city hasn’t been able to use their water without the fear of infecting themselves with harmful carcinogens.  The company, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics and Honeywell International, manufactured plastic in the region. The same chemicals to manufacture plastic went into their water. It’s troubling, because we assume we’re safe and don’t suspect that those putting chemical agents into our water are our own corporations and government! I could put another link for Flint, Michigan, where the government and corporations were culpable in poisoning their people, but we should all know by now… and I’ve put too many links already…. and really… there are just so many links that deserve to be shared.

Walking Columbia Turnpike, you see two steam towers behind a red-brick building with busted windows and graffiti painting some of its walls. The building is still functional, but doesn’t look like much. It belongs to B.A.S.F., one of the few companies remaining in our city. Behind it is Empire Generating Co, where they use natural gas to generate energy between Rensselaer, East Greenbush, Albany and Troy. Before today, I didn’t know much about them. They were just there, in the back of the city and in the back of my mind. It’s too quiet in this place. Traffic is mostly tankers and eighteen-wheelers. They carry over another bridge into what remains of our ‘industrial park’, where the remnants of once great monoliths still stand.

When I think of Somalia now, ages from where I was when the United States first intervened, I think of desperation. You can look now to the facts: 13th worldwide in death rate per year, 3rd in maternal mortality rate and infant mortality, male life expectancy at 50.Around the same time that I learned about Somalia, I also learned about the glorious history of the Hudson River. General Electric poisoned that years ago, dumping polychlorinated biphenyl, which was once used in most coolants, for which the dredging has only just begun. Corporations tried to kill us years ago and have been tirelessly trying to kill our species for years. In a new effort to put the final nail in the coffin of our fair city, the ‘Pilgrim Company’, has proposed constructing a 178 mile long pipeline from New Jersey and up through New York state.

Background Details

Then, again… maybe this is too desperate a thing for a simple-minded person like myself to understand. There’s so much information to sort through. I just heard about this pipeline and my mind went wild. I don’t even know HOW I got on the subject of Somalia. I’d hate to judge it from the outside… I’m sure it’s GREAT. Then again, experience is the greatest teacher. But… if that’s the case… when do we learn to stop treating the world like a toilet? Maybe that’s the lesson… the world is your toilet!


20 thoughts on “No Fracking In The Wasteland

  1. Thank you! It’s encouraging to cross paths with an awakened human mind. It is up to us who have chosen to be fully aware of what is happening in our world to take actions to protect it from the forces of self-interest and greed.

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  2. Your report reminds me of the frackers who have ruined parts of my beloved PA countryside and who nearly invaded NYS. The world is their toilet, as you state correctly. More specifically, streams and rivers are their toilet, as they have been since time immemorial until we the people started fighting back. So, thank you for sharing. Say No to the Pipeline, No to fracking, and Yes to Progress and Sustainability.

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  3. I am reminded of a George Carlin commentary entitled, “The Planet is Fine”.

    George Carlin indicated that, no matter how much we harm the planet, it will recover–it is we who will not.

    I appreciate your following my blog.

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      • Thanks. I missed that originally. My local congressman is very pro fracking unfortunately. I live in Pennsylvania. I don’t believe in the government, yet I would like to get involved notifying my representatives of what people they supposedly represent think about issues like fracking. Any advice on where to look?


  4. So many serious topics, it’s hard to know where to start. So I’ll start with the economy. A large number of people have bought into mindlessly high consumption. The government and corporations feed that demand—and create it through advertising. Why? So government and corporate types can also engage in mindless high consumption.

    Keynesian economics requires ever increasing consumption to grow the economy. Why? So we can buy more stuff. Keynesians will tell you that what is produced is unimportant because it all creates jobs, i.e., we don’t have to actually need what we buy. So we generate more energy to create more things to send to landfills. Every step from energy creation to final trash removal creates waste to be dealt with.

    I know Flint has become the poster child for abuse, but residents there contributed to their undoing. Expecting people far removed from their city to recognize local problems is not realistic. We don’t want to blame the people identifying the problem for causing it.

    The irony is that if politicians had fixed Flint’s water problem before it was recognized as a problem, they would probably have been voted out for misspending on a non-existent issue.

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  5. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world now – corporate power and greed are perilously close to ruining it for all of us. It’s great to connect with other people who see the problem and care.

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  6. So much upheaval in so short a time does seem to point to catastrophe, and without a fight, we move forward at a remarkable pace, scary really. Or maybe the earth needs us to hurry up so it can recover.

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  7. I live in Oregon and we the people just put an end to 2 massive pipeline and export terminal projects. They are dead and gone. It can be done. Riverkeepers (they’re in your area too) was the organizing force – herding us cats. But the cats did a lot of work (for years) and we made our voices heard over and over again in numbers. We wrote, protested, researched, educated our neighbors, met with government officials on local, state, and federal levels applying political pressure armed with facts. If enough people can make a noise, the roar can be heard. Sorry for the long comment. I so hope that saner minds prevail in your area.

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  8. My grandparents lived in Schenectady, and my mother grew up there.Very often when my other couldn’t cope with me I stayed with my grandparents.Back then the “industrialists” didn’t seem to understand dioxins and all the xenoestrogens that have made the river a Super Fund clean-up site. But wouldn’t you know, I grew up with debilitating endometriosis (known to be linked to dioxins from breastfeeding), a rare genetic eye condition, reduced immunity, tremendous allergies–not to mention the same panic disorder and depression that runs in our maternal line. All I ever wanted was a creative domestic life and children, and unfortunately life didn’t turn out that way, despite 18 surgeries… I blame it all on the River. Hindsight is 20/20, but you have to wonder that someone didn’t find all that dumping suspicious?

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    • Wow I can’t imagine what it’s like having to deal with that! I’ve lived next to this river for years and they never cared what they did to it or the people around it. They’re disgusting and I’m sorry you had to suffer because of it.

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