Epidemic Infrastructure

Not about my town, but more about every town in this country. There’s a widespread epidemic of abandoned buildings that have no use and in this new age is the opportunity to change the purpose behind them. It’s time to get creative.

The epidemic in this country is the infrastructure and it’s about time we found a cure.


Ghost Boxes: Reusing Abandoned Big-Box Superstores Across America


16 thoughts on “Epidemic Infrastructure

  1. Thanks for following my blog. And also thanks too for a curious co-incidence, as in the article here you refer to Steward Brand’s book How Buildings Learn, and I have a book by him (II Cybernetic Frontiers 1974) which I found in Southwark (London) around 2004 when Bermondsey Market was being redeveloped. I’ll look out for it, buildings is an area my work vaguely relates to.

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  2. Hi. I saw that you had started following my blog – The Experience Evolves – so as I always do, I came to see what you write about. I immediately liked what I saw so am now following you. I’ll be back to read and comment on your posts tomorrow — for now it is off to bed, as it is 2am Friday here in Brisbane, Australia. 🙂

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  3. You know, I live in Troy,Ny and my heart aches for the homeless when I see many abandon buildings wishing I could by them all and build a get away for lost children and homeless families can’t wait to see more of your writing. Are eyes see the same sights.

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  5. Great article! I’ve reblogged it…I mean re-used it 🙂 I’ve always hated the decaying strip mall abandoned while a new one goes up two blocks away. I’ve not seen as many big box stores go through this, but I know it’s an issue. Cheaply made, cheaply disposed of….but not really. The ones I know of are so cheaply made that their reuse is really difficult. But thanks for bringing it out!

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  6. Great read. I live in downtown Toronto where the mantra seems to be build-build and then build some more but out in the fringes of the city we too have these massive, derelict buildings that could still be useful to their local communities. I’m glad to see that some places are making use of unused infrastructure and re-purposing it to serve the people. It’s a possible solution to the huge housing problem that most major cities face and something I wish more politicians would consider.

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll happily follow and keep checking out your blog & thanks for following mine !!


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  7. I agree, abandoned places need to be polished. Instead of exploiting nature– farms, oceans etc., they should give left and forgotten places another and a new chance. Also, thank you for following my blog!

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  8. I liked the comment by author who suggested turning them into homes for the homeless. We could also tear down the buildings and put in organic community gardens to aid in feeding lower income residents in the area.

    Nice job on putting a spotlight on the issue!

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  9. It is rather ironic that we are trying to find ways to repurpose the big box stores that helped to destroy the downtowns of middle America. We need better planning and stricter zoning to best use our green space and existing structures.

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