Cyrrhus the Great

When I first met Cyrrhus the Great, we were both in high school. We were around the same grade, although he’d been held back. He was around six foot five inches tall and had the body of a college athlete. He was naturally inclined to dominate in every sport and he did so without difficulty. I say ‘without difficulty’, but the only issue for him was with maturity. He could dunk without a problem; he could run faster than anyone on the field and snatch the ball out of the sky before the defender knew what was happening, but he just couldn’t keep from getting into trouble.

He performed tremendous feats of strength that if we hadn’t seen no one would believe. He infected several girls with STDs. He performed crude acts of attrition to impress his peers. He got several girls pregnant before escaping his twenties. Smoked a lot of weed… not that it’s an indicator of character, it’s just nobody talks about the effects it has on a person who’s looking to escape. It provides it sometimes with such efficiency that they get lost in their own hangups.

I don’t know where he is now… time can do a lot to a person. It can change you, but nobody discusses what happens when people stay the same. They never change, clinging to dreams from which they never wake up. I hope, for his sake it did something better. Sometimes, even if a person appears to be blessed, it ends up a curse. Cursed with so much potential, we think Cyrrhus the Great was predisposed to squander it all. I think he never knew what to do.

I wasn’t able to see it in then, but looking back I can count the sorrow on his face. I notice his youthful, dull, unresponsive eyes. We were all immature, but his was willful. There was a bright person under that guise of insignificance. He has not the wherewithal to deny the pressure created by his friends; he has many, because he’s athletic and funny and says everything they want to hear. Like the sun, they gravitate to him. Like the sun, those around him keep him in place. He remains grounded, when he should be lifted, pushed out into the cosmos to drift beyond eternity. Instead, here he stays. Because he seemed ‘Great’, we assume he’s immune to this infection. We made ourselves believe that he was something more. Looking back, it becomes hard to tell which of us was the bigger fool.


32 thoughts on “Cyrrhus the Great

  1. What a sad waste. With some people, squandering or misusing their talents is done in much the same way as a beggar, winning a major lottery prize, manages to blow the lot within a couple of years and ends up with nothing again.

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  2. Alas, all too many of us knew such an individual. While it was good you could see that there was something else there, it does not in any way excuse his behaviour.

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. Léa

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  3. I understand what you’re talking about. Sometimes we see so much potential in someone that they can’t live up to our expectations. It’s too much pressure. But it’s almost self-inflicted pressure, isn’t it? Because people like Cyrhuss can’t figure out how to be the person that other people see in them, so they may not even try and find escape instead.

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  4. I see this with my own son. He’s still young and willing to look at what’s underneath his aggressive brashness when someone really takes the time with him. But there’s so much trouble out there to find.

    Thanks for following my blog. I’m really enjoying yours.

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  6. Cyrus wasn’t given the chance to be vulnerable. He always had to be “Great”. No one told him about the real stuff. Maybe they thought he already knew.

    BTW, So happy from your follow. You’re awesome.

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