Healing Your Broken Soul


It’s a complicated world with complicated people and we can’t even begin to understand every individual struggle. You don’t have to understand to exist. You only have to respect. She says it better…



21 thoughts on “Healing Your Broken Soul

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  2. Hello Sophie, I admire you for your courage and your energy to help another person with the same battle you’re fighting win by creatively sharing your story while trying to win your own. There is light at the end of the tunnel for you.

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  3. Wonderful writing!! From your About page, I love the poetry of “This is the story of a town that has no identity.” As a half-Japanese person who grew up in the U.S. then learned Japanese in college and now frequently travels to Japan, I feel a bit like my life is “the story of a person who has no identity.” I’m really looking forward to reading more, jessy

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