Indian Bones

I’m not good with words. I just like this photo. I stole it from another blog, but I can’t remember which one… otherwise, I would’ve included them.

When I look at this photo, I think of the two extremes of overabundance and debilitating poverty. It makes us wonder if the existence of one is dependent on the other, as if one creates the other. One must create imbalance. It makes me question everything that has established our society, in so much as it can create heaven and hell within a few feet of each other. It makes me question faith, belief and everything I hold sacred. Really, I just like this photo. It doesn’t need words to make it great. It just is. So are we… for at least a while, until the imbalance is restored and everything crumbles back into the dirt. Silly, to imagine this system falling apart. Maybe imbalance is as permanent as time. This photo gives us a lot to consider. Maybe, upon further consideration… it’s time to tip the scales.


58 thoughts on “Indian Bones

  1. I too am at a loss for an answer. Looking at that picture makes it seem like the rich and the poor are so close and yet so far from each other. It all seems hopeless. Yet, there are so many of us who can do small things in our own home towns to help bridge that gap. As a Catholic, I am focusing more on helping others during this year of mercy.

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  2. Wow, talk about a picture saying a thousand words. I appreciate your observations and comments. For someone not good with words, you did a great job. My question is how can people get accustomed to the imbalance and the accept it and them impose it on others? It’s a question of depravity in man.

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    • I can’t imagine what it’s like to look at… THAT every day from the other side. It makes you wonder what keeps us accepting such imbalance.

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      • “..THAT every day from the other side” True. To imagine rich from the perspective of the poor, to imagine the poor from the perspective of the rich.Your statement works soo well from both sides….and how many think of it only from one?

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      • I wonder if that’s what makes it so easy to live that way. Who really considers the consequences of something so simple that it becomes part of your routine?

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  3. I thought your wording was quite accurate. There must be scenes such as this all over our world. You see it quite often when you are travelling through countries. I remember going to see a traditional Dance, I hadn’t realised it was being shown in a Zoo or I wouldn’t have gone, I’m not a fan of zoos. The animals inside looked actually quite healthy but outside there were quite obviously starving donkies. It broke my heart. Its not just humanity we accept such imbalance in. I wish we had the answers …

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  4. I am at a loss for words. Just found out about Nice. Now I see this picture and sadness is overwhelming me. After a beautiful day – heart gets broken again. There are so many broken hearts out there – permanently broken, permanently without hope, without future. I feel so sorry! But you are right – the system is built that way – it is not broken, but sick to its bones and it stinks like rotten death.

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  5. I don’t even have a lengthy reaction I’m that cynical about money, class and religion. I believe lots of factors are at fault, each one as corrupt as the other, either way, look at this and try not to sympathize, just know that money, ultimately, won’t get you what you really want out of life

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  6. There have always been rich and poor, always will be. It’s what the have’s do with their blessings that makes the difference. As Christ said, ‘whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
    Whatever – good and bad. It isn’t everyone else’s responsibility, it’s ours. Don’t like it? Adopt a child, family, community, whatever – do something besides pine. How big a gulf will you/I/we tolerate?

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  7. Capitalism, now in it’s neo-liberal form, developed out of feudalism. It can only thrive (profit) out of the exploitation of others somewhere on the planet. The point is to change it. But that will come from the bottom, and not from the top.

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    • ” It can only thrive (profit) out of the exploitation of others somewhere on the planet. ”

      Capitalism sold me sunglasses for 5 Euros. You say capitalism stole the sunglasses from someone in the third world. From whom did capitalism steal the sunglasses exactly? From a sunglass treasure in the Andes?

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  8. I think humanity seems hard wired to create imbalance even while the rest of the universe and nature function through balance (the balance of proton and electron, moon and planet, planet and star). We on the other hand seek balance through religion, system or ideology but as soon as we move towards balance, power and economic security tip the balance out and we lurch towards inequality and insecurity.

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  9. “one must create imbalance” – the one thing humans forget is nature exists and relies on the balance being unbalanced all on its own. There is a positive/negative, weak/strong, male/female, etc. in all of nature and it ebbs and flows as to which one will be stronger and more powerful at any given moment. Apparently humans cannot be patient enough for nature’s unbalance and feel the need to create it much faster and it is spinning out of control as of late. Love the picture btw, great steal!

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  10. I look at this picture and think yeah, rich and poor yet we are still the same and each of us has a story to tell. Between birth and death is life and it’s what we do with it that matters. Life is a series of split seconds and we must make the most of the present moment. I don’t know what it’s like to be rich because I’ve never been but I’ve had times in my life where I felt rich and for me that’s more important than materialism.

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  11. This is a good photo. I don’t claim to know much. Everyone has their opinion. I did have a thought one day while walking to work that seems to fit this topic. “If everyone was rich, who would do the work.”

    I myself don’t have any desire for country club living. I enjoy work. Sometimes I wish it paid more, but it pays enough. There have been times when I’ve envied others, but I got nothing from it. I’ve thought about my ancestors. All hard workers. My father was a hard worker and put his all into his work. I seem to do the same. At times it has seemed meaningless, exhausting, only when I compare myself to others. When I just think about myself and who I am, I simply strive to produce the best I can. From this, I find peace. I guess the only thing I could complain about with the system is that it is no longer about quality products but quantity. I still put my best into all that I produce.

    So I am a simple worker, my work making others richer. I don’t think I would be happy being rich. I’m not one who seeks travel and leisure. Just give me a project to complete and I’m happy. My apartment is small. I have simple needs. Maybe the way I was raised or just in my blood from my ancestors.

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    • Sure, it’s just a photograph and it can’t even begin to explain everything about the world. It’s just funny how in one photo you can inspire so many emotions.

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  12. A communal picture symbolizing polarizarion accurately portrays the extremes our universe is capable of producing. We can readily blame systems, people, or other forces, but ultimately we see how one CAN live a prosperous lifestyle while others CAN be subjected to suffering.

    What would they suffer? Lack of resource, lack of time to use the imagination to enRICH their own and thus other’s lives, and ultimately suffer from the stress that is produced from the aforementioned.

    It is good to be of service to others, particularly if they suffer from lack. However, attention must be given to that which placed them in such a state in the first place because dysfunction does not simply fall from the sky.

    Generational poverty exists because it is rare for one having been raised in an environment where scarcity is rampant to actively seek extrication from such beginnings. But it has happened and can be done. We, as a collective whole, however must shed ourselves of the MINDSET that we are separated in any way, shape, or form because we can all experience poverty or riches just the same.

    Blessings and good post!

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  13. “It makes me question everything that has established our society, in so much as it can create heaven and hell within a few feet of each other.”

    So well put. I’ve been sharing for years with anyone who will listen that “Heaven is 18 inches from Hell,” roughly the anatomical distance from the heart to the head.

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  14. Thanks for following my blog, “longitudes.” The photo here is powerful. The imbalance of wealth is a complex issue. Just my opinion, but both capitalism and socialism have their merits, and their horrors. Can capitalism and socialism peacefully coexist?

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  15. Well said in your commentary on this photo. Perhaps the only truly equitable societies (i.e. ones that tend to have no kind of hierarchy and no possessions that are not locally replaceable) are nomadic hunter-gatherers who live cooperatively in small extended family groups. For obvious reasons, not least the destruction of these peoples’ traditional lands, and determined assaults on their culture, there are few of them left on the planet. As to the inequalities of western ‘culture’, I often ask myself how prepared I would be to have less in order to share more with others. In theory I applaud the ‘small is beautiful’ world and would like all to have the same opportunities in life. Many of us, though, have grown too used to having what we want. Many thanks for the follow.

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  16. I agree 98% except for the part about questioning faith. I believe these imbalances are created by man and it’s results are a dire warning that have existed since man decided to disobey God. It’s a wake up call that many people pretend not to hear.

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  17. Photo is from Sao Paulo. Saw it in a German magazine some time in the 90ies.

    No, not South Africa, and LONG before invention of computer controlled drones and tiny lightweight Li-Ion or LiPos batteries… or rare-earth magnets for lightweight electric motors…

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  18. Perhaps extremely rich and extremely poor are not an imbalance at all, for they seem to balance themselves. Good cannot exist without the presence of evil, for we could not identify good if it had no opposition. However, money has always been a factor that separates us physically, making some of us out to be gods among men (the rich) and others to be the scum of the earth (the poor), those of us who find it difficult to contribute to the well-being of others because we’re so busy scrounging for food and shelter for ourselves. It may not seem fair, but perhaps it is balanced.

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  19. Hi! Was drawn in by your lead pic to this piece. Living as I do in India, this unfortunately, is a sad reality, to the extent that we’re almost inured to the stark disparities between the super haves and the absolute have nots. Sensitive souls often question “why”, but I’ve yet to come an answer that makes complete sense to me. Sad situation!
    If you won’t mind, I’d like to share my own old piece on this contrast and contradiction –

    Thanks! God bless!

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