Nekkid Pic Nostradamus

I wanted to use a pic of Jennifer Lawrence, but didn’t know if I’d get sued. Since we’re living in an age where technology is the ‘second coming’ and the internet is our ‘messiah’, why don’t we take a moment to consider what the human race has gotten itself into. I can’t in all honesty tell you exactly what the internet is or where it comes from! This technology came on so fast we never had time to understand it. We possess the power to talk and share values with people across the world, while, in the same moment, an enigmatic figure can steal money from the coffers of world governments. Pedophiles can peddle their creepiness, human traffickers and various pederasts. Terrorists can recruit and hackers can steal sensitive information, while I can hardly figure out how to post a single picture of my dick.

First off, have you ever gone ghost? Ghosting is when you find somebody online, talk for a while and then disappear. No explanation, you just stop talking. The other person is given nothing. The internet has created a safe space for people to engage and disengage once we’ve gotten what we wanted. It’s reached a point where we no longer need to be considerate, because we’re not interacting with others, we’re talking to a screen. We don’t need to care about others, their feelings or thoughts. We have the power to fade away, a super power for which we cannot consider the consequences. Whose to say there are any, when we’re all ghosts? This entire world of the internet is illusory. It can fade like it’s nothing. A website can shut down and plug back on. A person can disappear and make a new name, a new face for himself, a new profile and personal signature. For as much as it changes, things stay the same. The internet and all its formalities leaves nothing to be desired for human contact. After all, it’s a world haunted by people who are nothing more than ghosts.

Therefore, it seems obvious that the idea of human interaction has changed, somehow evolving with the technology. We no longer need to make a connection, when it can be severed without warning. In the real world, you need to at least argue or decide you hate them and avoid them like the plague. With the power of ‘Ghosting’, this necessity in disengaging human connections has become unnecessary. The interaction is only personal to us; it belongs to us and no one else.

Secondly, another power that we possess is the ability to assume any form that we want. This is akin to ‘ghosting’, but where we create a persona separate from the form we take in life, which exists only on the web. We can say we’re that person, just by posting a picture of that person and acting as if this is a real interaction waiting to happen. It’s as easy as copying and pasting from any blog or site with a person eager to become a model or whatever might be the case. A person can easily say they’re a beautiful girl, steal a girl’s pictures and post them, claiming to be that person and form connections. She can talk and flirt and create connections. If she’s never found out; if she maintains these illusions nobody cares. As long as the person behind the persona maintains the illusion, why would anyone care? People assume they’re talking to a beautiful girl or a princess from Zamunda, so ‘she’ continues to post personal photos that don’t belong to her, for the world to enjoy. We’re forced to trust what we’re being told, believing that sweet innocent ‘Bethany’ is really just trying to pay her way through medical school and not some creep taking things that don’t belong to him. Be honest with yourself… which would you rather believe?

Whatever the reason, a personal bond is formed out of lies and, usually with the deception, a person’s personal property is stolen. This is the level that human interaction has reached, where both parties are interested in getting what they want and not forming a bond. The men get to see a beautiful girl and the person posting gets whatever he wants out of it. The girl, to the contrary, gets nothing. Her property is taken from her, in some cases very personal photos. If she never figures it out, then those photos are just there; this person exists with her image and nobody is the wiser. It should create a duality that tears the universe apart, but the illusion balances out, as long as nobody finds out.

Personal information, in this age, is never safe. The internet age seems to leave us open to invisible enemies, like in antiquity, when civilization experienced its birthing pains, and was forced to deal with the incessant threat of marauders.

Another issue that everyone seems c0ntent to ignore is the ancient wisdom of photos stealing people’s souls. It speaks to a deeper wisdom: do we ever consider what a person can see in our eyes? We’ve reached an age where you can have video and pictures uploaded for the world to see in moments, yet we never consider the consequences. Without editing, without refining what we see, the image is this muck of clay waiting for the world to mold it, to see what it’s made of and distort it however we see fit. What incredible power! You can go on a million sites and see pictures of girls in their underwear… not that I’ve done that. You can see them much worse, doing things that most would never consider. Then, there’s what’s in their eyes. Most of us can’t even make eye-contact, yet we can watch these girls do these things without blinking. Does anyone ever consider the consequences of watching, while this girl does whatever it is she does? Again, what incredible power!

There’s always something in their eyes. It’s a horrible gift, for which I possess, but I can count all the years of a person’s suffering if I stare long enough. If you look into a person’s eyes you can tell their story better than if they told you, because most people can’t be honest with themselves, let alone a friend or complete stranger. Take a look at the pic of the girl with her tits out, nipples rigid, every inch of her shaved, toned to perfection. Look into her eyes. Why would you want to when you’ve already gotten what you wanted? We’re missing something and it’s right in front of our faces. The age old parasitic beast, the dread monster of lore, an internal struggle in every creature to be happy under the duress of eternal sorrow.

When I see a picture of a person, the first thing I do is look at their eyes. When I’m alone, when I want intimacy, I find that picture and try to see the same old suffering I’ve known for years. I try to relate, I try to feel something so personal, so we can share in our struggle and become as one. So intimate, so pure and true. So dark and insidious and grating; something that can tear us to pieces.

Images are sacred. We’ve surpassed a point where we need to relate to people in traveling to France to go to a museum, to experience anything but our couches, to touch the smooth grace of movement made by a paintbrush centuries ago and know what struggle an artist went through. We just see. Interpret. Move along. Ghost is the nature.

No, I don’t know where I inherited this gift… if you think it’s as such. Some say it’s a curse… but, with great power comes great responsibility. I think Jesus said that. I’m here to help the world with my gift. So, please… send me any image of yourself and I will decode your innermost desires. No dudes… that would be terrible.

42 thoughts on “Nekkid Pic Nostradamus

  1. People are always quick to throw the internet and other forms of communication technology under a bus. While there are certainly risks involved, and certainly some mean people online, I don’t think it’s ever really as bad as people make it out to be. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be on it.

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  2. When I see I photo any where I wonder how photoshopped it is 🙂 Have those eyes been tweaked to have just the right emotional appeal? Other body parts are so interchangeable I’ve seen the same dick on different guys & different heads on the same body. Such is life.

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  3. So the Internet seemingly creates an inability for people to make connections, yet readers wouldn’t be able to “connect” with your words as easily if the Internet was nonexistent…

    The internet is like Source (origin of all the things) because it is everything and nothing simultaneously. I.e. one can find videos of kids tying their shoes, being bullied, or worse.

    A depravity of character in some human beings doesn’t and shouldn’t accurately portray the Internet in its entirety because it allows more people to connect from greater distances than any other contrived form of media from the recent past.

    All connections (relationships) are temporary in form – even the one you have with your body. We can either sulk about our limited “connections” or show greater appreciation for the time, energy, and opportunity to experience them in the first place.

    Btw, it’s highly unbelievable when someone claims to have not looked at porn. Especially when they detail the curvatures of nipples…

    Maybe I missed the sarcasm? Maybe not lol


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  5. This was a great read. Within the last year, I ditched my smart phone within the last 3 days, I’ve deactivated (because I can no longer delete) my facebook account.
    I found my digital life to be overtaking my real one. When my daughter was born, I didn’t want her dad looking at screen instead of her.

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  6. I like what you’re doing here. Regarding this gem of social commentary, I’ve been a ghost for the last 2 years. My soul was ripped away, instilled with bitter darkness, and returned to me long ago but my penis still has its’ soul and vigor. Because there are no pictures of that. Mum, me, and my wife are the only people who have ever seen it. Mum’s eyes are brown, go figure as mine are blue. I’ve seen my wife’s and they’re beautiful enough to completely ensnare me. Her eyes. I’m trapped and I don’t want anyone to save me. They’re fantastic, green, and deep as a mystery. I’ve seen the other bits too, and yeah, they’re lovely too. But there’s no shame since I’m married and trapped. I mean, committed. I’m looking forward to reading more.

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  7. It’s a shame but the Internet has been shaped where you can interact with people long distance yet it can quickly snap into nothing within moments. You no longer need to go into the witness protection program to disappear.

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  8. If there was ever an age of awakening, this is it! Growing pains, I’m sure. No one in history has been able to complain and have anyone in the world read/hear it.

    Yes, things worked better in the past. But if we can survive, who knows?

    People’s schedules are insane! I have no doubt it has to do with the internet era and “opportunities” and education that are available through media.

    One thing I don’t like is the silent, non-response to messages. Different than ghosting, they never respond in the first place. I’ve seen it in business and personally. Seems pretty easy to just respond.

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    • Things worked better in the past? It may be the lack of information that tells us about the not as good things. The good old days? I lived through it, it was not always that good. And there are many good times now. But, many people are addicted to problems and pain. Let us write about the good things, which we experience, every day amongst…. and with awareness they grow!

      Yes, silence in this way, I am tempted to say: “I hate it.” …to a point where I could….

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      • I must say that I agree with you. Someone else has mentioned this very viewpoint to me. I haven’t fully processed it… It’s not that racism is rampant, it’s just more visible. Politics and religion are other examples!

        It will be interesting.

        Can humanity can finally evolve?

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  9. Hello Rensselaer!

    Satellite is working well but a bit foggy but I can still see your town fine. Am reading things backwards and some of the comments left around.

    1. Dont worry abt sued for pics unless and until you start to make quick big bucks- then ppl probably sue you for 80% of whatever you can generate from their pics.

    2. Internet has been around for ages. Ppl like to be ppl and say stuffs do things but yup the noises are getting to be a lot- we just need to learn to filter with the knob- turn left, turn right and try to get into the best tune with the right frequency.

    3. Apart from ghosting… here’s another phenomena- when you have smart ideas, strangers start writing to you (like me) and some even ask you out to go with them to middle of nowhere – seriously. So my question will be, thanks…. but who’s footing my bills? And then the ghosting effects started to appear.

    The scariest part abt kidnappers, pedophiles, rapists etc. – is that they’re ppl that you tend to know from schools who you’ve not met for a while, a chick from a party or someone… and not a complete stranger like me (sharpens my knives somewhere).

    Anyway, great post again and have fun!

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  10. What you write is very interesting but the comments you provoke are even more interesting. I am supposed to be getting ready for a road trip tomorrow morning but I can’t stop reading. I promise not to ghost you unless my site gets hacked. Then I’ll have to leave everyone lol.

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  11. OMG! You crack me up! LMAO
    Very interesting topic. I couldn’t stop reading.
    You have a new fan… thanks for the “follow” BTW, I honestly would’ve followed you and I know you don’t need it but you’re an excellent write… I just have to say it. 🙂
    Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts.

    Carpe diem!
    Live ❤ Laugh … Belle Papillon

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