Origin Unknown

Some can never understand the reason for a city that hardly anyone knows and why, in his infinite wisdom, a benevolent God would put within this city the ‘Nexus of the Universe’. Questions like this will go unanswered. It’s not our job to question, but to enjoy the bounty that the world hath wrought. Winding down East Street, there is a little known path, a cul de sac to the untrained eye, but if you follow the path you’ll find it. You’ll find this place, for which many great bards have written, for which weary travelers would cross for a moment of rest if this was another time.

Follow down Circle Street, to where the woods seem to be exceeding their limits over the road, encroaching on the world and threatening to take it all back. It’s a place for which man separated from his bestial nature and although we promised never to return, we were never fit to make such a promise. We always return. If you dare to return, you must follow the trail between the trees, which leads a winding uphill path. Humanity tried to bind this road. Evidence of this failed attempt comes in the form of a big black pipe, where it remains buried in the ground. Climb over it and continue. Their failure is not your own. It only takes a few minutes to reach this place. It’s so simple that one should question whether this is truly the Nexus of the Universe or if in reality such a thing can be measured.

Nestled between the outcrop of woods and the edge of the city, which folds above and beneath it, is the falls. You can sit at the bottom and find contentment or you can move along and find the Nexus. It sits at the top, where the water is much calmer. At this point, the only hint to what is happening beneath is the rush of water crashing against itself. You can look out in front and see the water leading into a stream and heading out towards the river or you can stare straight ahead and see the city. It stands before you with such a perfection that can only be noticed from the Nexus. If you move from this spot you’ll lose it, but if you remain for a few minutes you’ll notice that all sense of what this city is or what it should be disappears. From this point, you can truly appreciate where you’ve come from and where you’ll be in the future. This is the nexus. We all need this experience once in our lives.


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