Pompeii – 2016 A.D.


Hudson River, Albany, NY.

I’m only sharing this, because I’m fascinated. http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/lake-nyos-the-deadliest-lake-in-the-world


If anyone knows more about things like this happening in our time or closer, please don’t be afraid to share. It talks about a cloud of CO2 that comes up from a lake and kills 1,746 people. There were myths about the lake that spoke of a great evil that claimed many lives. I like that. I’m warped, but I like that. I’ve imagined the same type of scenario for my city. I’m not a prophet, don’t think I have those allusions of grandeur. I see the possibility of us being erased from the planet. I mean… with the world always seeming to balance itself on the precipice of order and chaos, who wouldn’t try to predict our end?

I see our city ending in flood. There are cricks that extend around us, through us, which all matters because of the river. One day, it’ll come through flood. Depressing, but these things happen. This has been fun… not depressing at all. I just enjoy sharing with you all!


30 thoughts on “Pompeii – 2016 A.D.

  1. It fascinates me as well – death, birth, death, re-birth. Civilization waxes and ebbs. Permanent solutions are found, built, created, and future generations find them abandoned under sand, water, ice, and wonder what happened. The beauty of wondering keeps me going. Can’t wait until we get to other planets and begin these cycles anew. Enjoyable post. Enjoyable day. Cheers

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    • It’s just amazing to think of a place like Pompeii existing, until one night it’s gone. You just disappear. I don’t think it’s so depressing. It’s kinda beautiful, how the world works. The mystery is half the fun… I guess!

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  2. When the earth farts… Hum sorry.

    Something like this happened too with a volcanic lake in the middle of France years and years ago and eventually turned into a legend. Nature the mother of all myths.

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