A Pocky Lips

Sorry, I get inspired by weird things and have to write. It’s not exactly about my town, but just… feels right. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whale_fall

Today, I would like to take the time I have and consider how the end of this city would look. We can speculate all we want, because this is a gift for those that survive. We can say everything ends, because we don’t know what comes next. It can’t be a constant progression into time, because we’re not the ones who progress. Time goes on and on… we don’t. It has to end. There’s something and then there’s nothing. I’d love a philosophical debate, but in order for that to happen you have to have a belief. People act like you have to be smart to consider a philosophical discussion. That’s bullshit. Just open your mind. I accept that I don’t know a damn thing. I don’t know what happens after you die. What I know is that this is ‘something‘, which we call life. It could go on forever, but things have a way of ending, even as those around them continue. Everything passes. It’s a confusing thought to think that the world will move on without us. It seems to defy some basic law of physics, but there it is. History is proof that we are wrong. It’s passed on from great men like Albert Einstein and George Washington… why not a simple blogger?

I predict, for this city to end with a great and unremitting flood. It will have to be flood, because the river is a convenient tool I have for this prediction. The flood will have to be so rampant as to deter workers from making sense of any effort in cleaning up. The damage will have to be so severe as to wipe us off the map. We’ll become like Atlantis, submerged beyond salvation. They’ll see our monuments and shops buried under water, rotting steadily into the sea. Our bodies will float to the top and be pushed out into the oceans for lesser scavengers and carnivores to poke at for a while. Imagine if that wave recedes and pulls us out into the ocean. Imagine what force it would take to suck us out, to pull everything with it, to make our fair city disappear. Such a wave would have to be devastating. We’d have to get the equivalent of a years worth or rain from the Amazon to wipe us off so easily!

I imagine the Rensselear Rail Station nearly entirely submerged, with just the oval clock-tower at the top sticking out. Imagine the world we’ll leave behind. Imagine the force of the ocean to drag us out, scraping the land away, like a child’s fingers digging through sand. What purpose? Why would it hunger so much to see us dead? Who knows… maybe the ocean will reach such a volatile point of desalinization to no longer be able to control its urges. It’s all part of a natural cycle. The world does whatever it takes to destabilize itself. Better to lose one city that nobody knows instead of the world. In that respect, I think we can accept the sacrifice. It’s bitter, certainly, but I can’t think of being selfish and letting the world die, just for us.

That’s my prediction… I have no time table. I’d like to see it in my time, but who has a say in such a thing? We’d be like a modern day Pompeii, with the world wondering how things could go so wrong? Maybe they’d take a look at the cataclysm and realize they have to make a change. They’d preserve our fair city as a sanctuary to nature. It would become overgrown, like the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Animals, besides humans, would thrive, as well as beautiful vegetation, moss, trees, insects, wild beasts of myth and legend. In our darkest hour, life reasserts itself. It doesn’t take the form you want, but the form you need. We can only hope that it reveals itself and for us, we come to accept the expression on its face.


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