What to do with doom


Why add commentary to a story so gruesome? I just wanted to ask a question.


25 thoughts on “What to do with doom

  1. It is such a gruesome act. I don’t know why some people try to prove by raping and setting a person on fire. It is not manly or cool. It is simply disgusting and the most unmanly thing that anyone could do. You may hate a person that is an opinion which is well respected but no one has a right to take their lives in their own hand. It is the most inhumane act possible and it is sad that some people are resorting to this extent.

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  2. We need to try to understand that not all cultures are ready to accept the LGBT community. These cultures have exsisted for thousands of years and have the same belief system now that they had 5000 years ago. It is a tragedy that people are murdered for their beliefs, lifestyles and for wanting to be their own person. You cannot make these old cultures change overnight. It simply will not happen and we must respect that. My heart goes out to those who are brave enough to try to bring change into a culture that stands fast in old beliefs and for those who pay the ultimate price for that change. I just pray that one day, through out the planet Earth, everyone will have tolerance and acceptance for their brother and sister.

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  3. SO …how brave of these so called ‘men’ to carry out such acts ….it’s ABSOLUTELY sick ……and I’m talking about the so called ‘men’ NOT a human being who happens to be transgender ….I don’t give a shit whether the ‘culture’ is ready to accept
    Hate and violence are hate and violence and it’s about time these people came into the 21st century and learned to live and let live

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  4. Honestly, how hard is it to turn away if you don’t like someone? Apparently impossible. Why does it even matter to you that someone is different?! This is beyond contempt, but I’d really like to ask these knuckle daggers the first two questions. Unfortunately, discussion and understanding are not skills that they possess. I could go on and on about this. I’ve seen some transgender friends take a lot of heat, but nothing like this. And most importantly of all, what crime exactly did she commit by being transgender? Yeah, yeah, I know, quotes from the holy book of whatever religion they follow (because every religion has haters). Hating on someone because they’re different doesn’t even make one brave or virtuous.

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