Pooping in the Fitting Rooms


Fun story time, starting with a fact I love sharing with everyone. Retail is the bane of my existence. I suffered through it for a long time and still see it as a terrible thing. I feel a tremble coming from my heart and receding through my limps whenever I walk into a store. My hatred knows no bounds.

Anyway, I promised a fun story and I’m not one to break a promise. On two separate occasions in our story somebody pooped in the fitting rooms Once, it happened when I’d first started at this store. A person piled up some clothes and just… you get the point. They asked everyone to clean it up, but we all refused. In the end, one of the managers had to do it. It didn’t affect me to have him do it. I liked the fact that he was made to, actually reveling in his suffering. For that time, sure, I became a sadist, but he made at least five times what I did. If anyone was going to clean up poop, why not him?

Second account of the ‘Serial Shitter’: it was a cold, blustery night. No… actually, what’s weird is on both accounts it happened around summer… hmmm. The person just pooped on one of the benches in the fitting room. They just pooped! What kind of weirdo does that sort of thing… and, if you’re the weirdo, please identify yourself!

We never found either attacker, but I think it’s the same person. These occurrences are separated by ten years, so the person is patient. He could’ve gone to any store, but he came to mine… maybe he’s from out of town and goes around pooping in local businesses. Maybe he’s a close friend. The ‘Serial Shitter’ is out there. He could be anyone and anywhere…. he could even be writing this story!


48 thoughts on “Pooping in the Fitting Rooms

  1. There has got to be a name for people like this! We too have a serial pooper at my library. At first they contained themselves to pooping in the middle of the bathroom, rather then a toilet AND THEN they somehow managed to put poop right in the middle of the library with no one noticing. The culprit must be bringing it in bags or something. But seriously, what is wrong with people!

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  2. OK, that is a very strange story, but we all know that unusual things happen all around us, right? I would rather read an account like this than actually live it – thanks for sharing (I guess,,,)

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  3. It takes all kinds! And yes, I’ve worked retail. I don’t know why that seems to bring out the strangest people and actions! I too enter a store with trembling, fear and trepidation…the memories! And yes…I’ve some stories about bathrooms and dressing rooms. Actually, working as a CNA hasn’t been as bad in that area as working retail. Kind of sad!

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  4. God I had a friend who worked in an upscale clothing store and she told me people kept popping in the fitting rooms -especially when it was busy and yes oddly enough also summer time. But I need to know…how is this a thing and what is WRONG with people? On he bright side -this post is absolutely hilarious thanks for that I needed a good laugh 🙂


  5. Ohhhh shit! Literally. That is beyond revolting. I ised to work at McDonald’s in El Paso Tx. The border store. Someone would smear feces on the stall walls just above where the paper rolls were. I think toilet paper crosses language barriers if any exist. Who knows? People be cray cray all day.

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  6. My last job, we had a toilet blocker. They would stuff wads of handtowel, which doesn’t soften like toilet paper, into the S-bend. And then they’d complete the transaction, so to speak. They figured out a way to lock the door again once they left, not too hard with some locks where the screw is exposed.
    I became adept at this myself, unlocking the door with the edge of my credit card. For I was in Facilities Management and it was my task to check. I’d get the door open and the bowl would be almost overflowing.
    This went on for a couple of months. Finally one toilet overflowed and the water started dripping through the light fittings in the men’s room next floor down. The landlord had to call in an electrician as well as a plumber, and he was fuming. He started talking about criminal damage, and he would have called in the police but my manager and the client’s people persuaded him to hold off.
    I let it be known quietly around the building that the cops would be called in for sure the next time, and there were no more incidents after that. I may have helped in another way too. I told a few people that if I caught the culprit, I’d be using his head for a toilet brush.

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  7. It seems there is ample room for genetics to go astray with boring regularity. My brother worked in retail and they had a very clever flasher that liked to impress the female manikins in the lingerie department. It was decided by the upper management that my brother’s dignity was disposable and so he was moved to the lingerie department to masquerade as a panty and bra specialist. His true secret mission was to tackle the flasher in mid whack-a-doodle-do and hold him captive until the police could saunter up to the scene. My brother was a courageous soul but there were some things he just couldn’t master. Putting the smack down on a flailing whacked out mad whacker was just out of reach of possibilities. It’s amazing the strength these whacko whackers develop with their hobby. After failing twice to subdue the equine enabled perp, my brother was fired for cowardice in the line of fire. He would agree. Retail sucks and in some cases blows too.

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