Tale of the Eternally Blinking Light

Time goes faster when you find something to do that you love. To the contrary, when you do something you hate, time takes forever. It wastes time, each time. We’ve come to understand that how we spend our time has to be understood. We have to appreciate the time we have, because we can’t always be doing what we love. Nobody enjoys waiting in traffic or sitting in boredom at your desk. In those moments, we allow time to slip away, as we imagine ourselves on beaches under the sun. We spend our time being happy, even when, in reality, we’re not.

At the intersection of Ring Street and South, there’s a traffic light that’s been blinking for the past two years. There’s still a stop sign at the end of Ring Street leading into South, although the light was constructed at least two years ago. The entire thing makes no sense, but it’s there. It exists, such as time, only constructed to perplex and confuse. Thinking about it is like trying to understand time and space, while existing in that same strata. Simply put, it cannot be done.

I don’t know how the world does it, but for all the money we claim not to have there’s an awful amount that we manage to waste. For those things that we’ve wasted our time, we have no choice but to call them sacred. If not, then we’ve lost so much. We lose that most sacred thing… our time on this earth. Between South and Ring Street, sits the ‘Eternally Blinking Light’. It just appeared one day out of nowhere, like the rest of us. Its existence is ours. We’re born from the same nothing that spawned the cosmos. It sits there blinking, one red and one green to each side, without a purpose. Nobody knows where it came from. Nobody knows. Some say it was put there as a warning for those who belong to a secret society. Some believe it was a waste of money. Others just ignore it, like everything else in the city.

The passage of time waits for no one. We’ve wasted enough time concerning what is sacred and what is nothing. For those that hold the light sacred, they hold a few ritual orgies at the beginning and the end of the month. They meet under the light for a few hours, give or take, depending on the traffic. It’s a sight to see… or be a part of… with so many bodies coming together, brought together by absolutely nothing. I guess time has a way of bringing us together. It offers us momentary glimpses of the sacred, before the illusion falls and we’re exposed for what we are.

I’d hate to think of my soul as an eternal tourist in this life. I’d like to think that I never belonged in this place or that. I think I’ll make my time as well deserved compost in this area eventually. If I get a say in the matter, bury me beneath the ‘Eternally Blinking Light’, where the orgies happen twice a month and if you look at the right moment up to the stars, you see the galactic battle between constellations we’ve named and stars that know nothing of their struggle.


12 thoughts on “Tale of the Eternally Blinking Light

  1. As I read this, I thought of what April Reign says: “what I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it”. It’s so true, our time is sacred. I cannot imagine my frustration at having to spend it at such a nonsensical blinking light.

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  2. Time is the pulse of life. Remove time from every mathematical or scientific concept and the universe falls apart -try it. The Eternal Blinking Light sounds like a good name for a Swingers club, where else would you have your orgies?

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  3. Great writing again. Our time on this planet can seem to be a bit of a joke, really. As you say we have to hold sacred our time spent doing what we value, yet inwardly we can suspect we are ‘wasting’ it anyway. I just try to live in the present as fully as possible, despite the eternally blinking lights of this world!

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  4. I feel like the Eternal Visitor, too. Except, for some (sado-)masocistic reason my soul keeps wanting to come back. Haven’t decided yet where I’d like to buried. Although now that I think of it, I think I have the perfect spot, a meeting place for grownups and children, a park of sorts (or what passes for a park in the capital, read little patch of free) not too far from a place that holds my best memories.

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