The Empty Scroll

Image result for zen symbolThe other day I got high and decided to meditate. I don’t often do this, although I’m trying to get back into the habit. Getting high opened up the experience in a different way and showed me things I probably wouldn’t have seen. Instead of going on some pedantic rant, I wanted to write it out, almost in the style of a zen koan.Granted, I’m definitely not a ‘holy man’, but I felt that the experience was genuine and didn’t know any other way to document it.

The Empty Scroll

Don’t read too much into this. These words are as hollow as your heart, as false as your convictions and as empty as your soul. You give them meaning. I offer no wisdom and you drink it to become full. You consume nothing and feel complete. Wisdom is your illusion. A healthy diet of illusions poisons your soul. You read empty words, learn empty lessons that flood your heart. Empty your soul. Wisdom is a black hole. Your heart is the event horizon. Step too far over the line and you will be consumed. We call it life; life is our mission. Step over the line and become consumed. Zealots. Prophets. Slaves. Desire at its darkest; complete, unquestioning devotion. Empty as these words. Hollow, alone. Empty as culture. Is there an image embedded between the lines, the spaces, the paragraphs? Is your mind making you see? Hallucinating culture, hallucinating wit and personality. The poison of illusion causes sepsis to the system; it drives you mad. You see the image, their totem and pray to their dark gods. Refuse it. Deny it. And become as empty. Emptiness. Condition of the soul.


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