S.nake O.il S.alesmen

Image result for trumpWe had a feller come to town

claiming he could turn water into wine

when he couldn’t he blamed the sun…

we didn’t think much of it…

The next day, he was gone

to the town of Kul

Where stories came about of a man

who turned water into wine

and they praised him as a king

and the world came to see

and the world came to understand his wisdom

What is the wisdom of a man who turns water into wine?

It’s the miracle

We all want to be a part of it.

And fools rush in – because it only takes one

Like those late-night telemarketers – they know if they get one

It might as well be a million

You get one disenfranchised, desperate citizen that feels like he’s been screwed into destitution by his country

That’s all it takes

Snake Oil – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snake_oil

There’s intellux and ‘male-growth hormones’ and viagra

and ‘making America great’ and ‘In God we Trust’

Boom – snake oil

How do you fight it?

When the people who are fool enough to use it

Praise its benefits

It’s deeper, deeper, deeper and deeper

Feel it to thrive, the instinct is to stay alive.

So… you’re saying… maybe they don’t believe?

Maybe their sense is more primal

Maybe they know to follow the one that swears to protect them

Because no one seems to want to protect

And so they buy the bullshit as a formal protest and claim to want to survive

And claim they want to survive… and claim they want to survive

Because America and Democracy come second to survival

And making America great means

turning back the clock

to when the KKK could march a million men strong on D.C.

And dogs and kittens lived in harmony

and every one every day one the lottery

and humble pie tasted like shit

and the Sun revolved around the Earth

and it only takes one to believe this shit

before we start thanking Ancient Aliens for the pyramids

and accuse scientists of hypocrisy

while we consume the oil of the snake

and thank the man

who brought it to our attention.



11 thoughts on “S.nake O.il S.alesmen

  1. When society time and time chooses to do the wrong /easy thing in small moral options. It’s not long before we get fooled because we have lost our capacity to make the right decision, lost the ability to know what is truth, what is right, what is compassionate, what is good for my fellow man and for me, … when we stop believing in doing good and being good…karma, consequences… then doing wrong is always right… then. Even if god where to be present we would not be able to recognise him.. because we want to be snaked oiled cause false is easier and we cant see cant see or we dont want to see? A single human being cant make the world a better place we are all responsible…and karma does exits and a simple choice is karma….

    I didnt know what snake oil was… interesting strong post applicable world wide.. snake oil was all big distugusting acts of man kind on mind kind.. from slavery which was world wide, to dominance, hilter,recent ethnic cleansing , syria, to all kkk spin ofs… when we forget we are one godly family brothers and sisters …of the same father… then as we have now we bring our decision makung from high to extreme non existence, to being stone like, to being iron aged… we may soon do a dinosaur to ourself…

    Then it will be oh when did we destory ourself…

    They say one small lie or one small theif activity is nothing… but it is because when you repeat again and again we lose the power of truth and we get blinded by falsehood because we have a stone intellect

    Sorry massive comment..

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  2. To the owner of this blog,

    I want to thank you for following me. As of recently however I have not been using my WordPress and have decided to shut it down. Just thought I’d ought to let you know before you tried to see my blog only to find out it no longer existed.

    Thanks and take care!

    The Ranter

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