Duality Point – The Blinding Stargate

Image result for sunlight forming a gatewayThere’s plenty of wonder in the world and for that which exists, for the most part, it can only be seen if one is to achieve even a slight understanding of its complexity. If you can, however, I would truly recommend that in that precious moment of time when you are in the midst of certain chaos and have seen something beyond our comprehension, allow it to invade all of the senses.

I found one just a few days ago in my town, for which I’ve lived for well over thirty years. It exists at the point where Partition street loops around, as one big hill, to which Third street then intersects.If you were to look down from this point on either side of Partition, you would be reminded of Sisyphus from Greek lore pushing a boulder up a hill only for it to drop down moments later. If that isn’t a fitting metaphor for this city I don’t know what is.

If you approach this point at the right time, you’ll witness an amazing sight, as a rift out of some unreality forms a mesmerizing stargate. Partition street becomes the horizon and captures at this most perfect moment the full majesty of the sun. The sun manages to shine down the entire length of Partition to a point where if you’re at the bottom coming up you’ll be blinded. You won’t be able to move, utterly humbled by the radiance of this blinding light. Many bow in reverence, while others flock to bear witness to its brilliance. It reminds one of the ‘Trial of Sysiphus’, in which he is forced to roll a boulder up a hill only for it to fall back down, repeating this over and over for all eternity. If you force yourself to the top of the hill, fighting the brilliance, deciding not to wait for it to pass, you will see the cataclysm that waits between worlds. You’ll enter the stargate and be taught every secret there is to know.

It only takes a moment for the gate to close. You’ll look down on the other side of Partition. There’s the Stewart’s Shop and the Broadway Bridge, as well as the empty field of rubble that used to be my high school. There’s also a laundromat that’s been closed since I was born. You’ll sit at the top of the hill and think maybe the stargate will return, but time and wonder are passing fads. You’ll learn just like Sisyphus and roll your ass back down the hill.


2 thoughts on “Duality Point – The Blinding Stargate

  1. Always likened the small town I was confined to at times growing up to a spider’s web. Sisyphus seems so much more apt though. Funny thing is, I was convinced that if I did want to meet aliens, they wouldn’t come there. I’d have to move away. I’ll take your place over that any day of the week. And I’m reluctant to write about it, because I don’t want to give it the recognition it never deserved.

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