Flight of the Bumblebee

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A list of bees: military personnel, diplomats, political rivals, associates, doctors, ninjas, assassins, street vendors and hackers.

America and the rest of the human world has always taken a strong stance to stay out of inter-species politics, despite the extreme detriment that comes with allowing the unrest to devolve into something far worse. At times, you’d like to move on and forget it, as even foreign affairs in the human world often seem far too complex, as our scopes and opinions remain all the more limited. Experts don’t seem to have an answer. The politics of other worlds and other species are far too complicated, even for those who’ve studied their entire life. In this way, it might make sense for us in the common world to stay away.

It is in light of our hopes and desires to remain neutral on these politics that I feel the need to at least share them and allow for a bit of understanding about a complex environment. The hive has been misunderstood for far too long. The bee has also become a desperately unforgivable monster, which seems to terrify us every step of the way. It’s been necessary for years to avoid the bee, much to the detriment of the ecosystem, although I’m glad to share this opportunity to perhaps change your opinions and unlock the mysteries of the hive.

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Mulalli Actuhm, known terrorist.

One cannot begin to talk about the history of the bee without first referencing Mulalli Actuhm and the Populist Revolution. He’s been responsible for a vast channel of inter-species terrorist organizations for quite some time. He’s gone down as one of the most familiar faces for the civil unrest that has plagued the hive ecosystem, for which a rallying cry has been uttered for years, in which the bees are now learning that there is a possibility of escape from the dreadful lives they’ve lived. Those who maintain the delicate balance of the hive ecosystem consider him a terrorist, while those who’ve escaped and fight for the ‘resistance’ consider him a freedom fighter.

In an effort to understand Mulalli Actuhm, one must consider the eco-politics of the hive. For years, it was believed that the queen controls the population by a scent that drives the bees to specific categories of ‘work’ that allow them to carry on fulfilling lives within the context of the hive. This, however, is a misappropriation, for the strands that allow power to twist around her wiry knuckles are being pulled by powerful groups of interest that serve as ‘feudal lords’ or ‘lobbyists’ as one would see in a representative democracy. These are lesser factions that help to hold power within groups, which, while detracting from the power of the queen, allow her to point in other directions when something goes wrong. She can blame these groups, if they don’t come through in a beneficial way for the hive.

In this way, the hive reacts and cannibalizes these groups of interest. Now, it can be stated that the act of ‘cannibalizing’ groups of interest, is not so easily accomplished, as is the act of voting out a local official who is seemingly not acting in your interest. These groups form powerful bloodlines and allegiances that make them formidable and thus, assure the continuation of a process that is less than ‘fulfilling’ for the life of a humble bee. The entire system gets corrupted and thus, an all-out revolution occurs. It doesn’t take much for an entire bee colony to revolt. We’re seeing it now, but you hardly get to see. Once they make the choice to go into ‘full-swing-revolution’, it happens so fast that no one has an opportunity to truly observe the phenomenon.

However, there are also no records within the colonies, because no colony would want those records to be. Bees revolt all the time, but nobody in a seat of power wants that history. They don’t want the bees to remember that every so often an entire hive collapses because they get annoyed with their leadership. It also might be a bit of history that doesn’t seem beneficial to maintain for those in power, as perhaps it hasn’t happened so often, especially to the success that a momentous revolution has occurred.

Mulalli Actuhm was a member of the ‘first-born El’, which is the queen’s direct line. The queen is accustom to certain politics, aiming to maintain her matriarchal status, she takes on a group of lovers that match her scent. The key to the scent is in disguising itself. The scents become so powerful together that it dulls the ability to smell. It’s almost odorless, yet still palpable, still permeating, still there to remind its people that they belong under her control.

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Omani Resef Yeman. Not a terrorist. A pretty good guy.

Of the hundreds of lovers taken by the queen, Omani Resef Yeman, was her closest ally. He was a keen, shrewd bee, who took to politics like a fish in water. He helped the queen maintain her hive by manipulating the special interest groups and then kept them from chipping away at her power with ‘reform of the establishment’, led by political lobbies that sought to undermine her rule. They ended up having hundreds of children, of which none was more adept at politics than Mulalli Actuhm.

Bees hardly ever have close bloodlines. More often, once they’re born, they’re given a particular scent that allows them to ‘find out’ they’re meaning, somewhat like a person would find his purpose in life. They find out what they will do to serve the hive. Most are given menial tasks that lead to their decision, yet there are several jobs that one can take. Some bees have a temporary immunity to the scent, which allows them, for a short while, to think for themselves. The immunity is due to a deterioration of the bloodline or a ‘faulty chromosome’, which allows for cognitive dissonance and a certain degree of freedom of expression.

There were three brothers who stayed closer together and formed a tight-knit group of hooligans who, at the time, were a public menace. They terrorized other bees with petty acts of violence and vandalism. They loved to fight and made it into, not exactly a game, but a code of honor. They’d insult someone and expect him to fight. A bumble bee is a humble creature, who possesses a swelling of pride and a sense for defending it. He’s not immune to jibes and receiving them from younger bees serves as even more of an insult, especially when those bees are members of royalty. It’s customary for bees of a higher bloodline to steer clear of lessers, for strict penalties are more in favor of those who have no power, as opposed to those who do. It’s a clever way to maintain barriers between classes, while making those on the bottom believe they have in the least a semblance of an ethical code within their democracy.

It consisted of Mulalli, Darshiba and Okami. Mulalli was the unquestioned leader, while Darshiba was a powerful brute and Okami a playful diplomat who somehow managed to ease tensions with the locals. The boys soon learned that life was a lot funner at the bottom. They enjoyed hanging around with bees of a lesser sect, because it was much easier to get into trouble. A local bee, Ansulum Machati, owned a secretive club that allowed only a select few members to enter. It was rumored that one could get anything he wanted in ‘Boma New’, which is, as far as I can tell, a type of ‘speak easy’ that operated during prohibition. The bees are strict when it comes to alcohol, as it has led to an increase in infertility and inhibits certain chromosomes that impair productivity.

Boma New also functioned as a political playground. Anyone could buy time and spew whatever rhetoric they wanted in three of five rooms. The main room was where the entertainment would be, which often included a beautiful singer that played a delicate tune by the sounds that reverberated between her stinger and abdomen. The tune played out for a few hours, with several guests and performers, while business could occur in the backrooms. Some of the rooms were occupied by business, while others took to dark pleasures.

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Visyei Kislyah, former operative for the queen and known anarchist.

Others took to revolution. On the night in question, Mulalli Actuhm walked into one of the backrooms, which was reserved for a known anarchist, Visyei Kislyah. Visyei was actually a brother of the three, although it didn’t register at the time, as bees only remember a select group of their relatives as closely as they should. (Bee bloodlines are far too complex for the moment) Visyei didn’t have much of a crowd at the time, but that would change after meeting Mulalli, who was so interested in the insistence of change that Visyei presented that it would change his life.

Visyei Kislyah started his career as a populist, which is a bee who believes that the ‘lesser bees’, as they’re known, will rise up and destroy their abusers under the guidance of an ‘extreme hand’ or ‘one who will lead’. They look to various strong leaders of the past to guide them, but the insistence is that the will of the people is reflected in the will of the tyrant. This insistence has led to several terrorist attacks meant to cripple the regime that maintains power over the hive.

One such occurrence, which led to Visyei hiding out underground for the rest of his life, was the ‘Lot 570xG cannibalism’, which left thirty bees dead and several more without homes. The group, known only as ‘The Third Eye’, barricaded several lesser bees in their homes, before detonating plastic explosives that destroyed a sect of ‘Lot 570x’, which is something of a natural power source to the hive. Natural power sources are what give the hive life and is also what allows those in power to maintain it. Without a power source, the lesser bees, or so it was thought, would revolt and a war for survival would ensue. It didn’t go as The Third Eye believed, as blame came down throughout the hive and the act became nothing more than an act to inspire fear.

(I apologize for interrupting this story, but it’s gone on for too long. I think I’ll have to post more on the topic another day! Again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, as I’m truly impassioned for you to know all about bee politics and I hope you will forgive me and come back Tuesday, April 4th! Thanks!)


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