Obscure Apocalyptic Sigl

Image result for birds flying highAround 4:40PM yesterday, I was on my way home, when I saw several emergency vehicles parked along a bridge about a block from my home. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary and I hadn’t heard any stories. It appeared to be such a minor thing and it left my mind, as I made my way home.

A few hours passed and I noticed these birds floating above my apartment building. I assumed they were hawks, but I’m not really sure. I counted six, at least from my vantage point, as they moved in this clearly visible pattern. The pattern was, as three birds about a hundred yards away stuck together the others did the same above my apartment. Two went around each other, while the third went around them. After a while, one would break off from each group and join the other. It was a complex system of surveillance and communication that kept my attention. I had no idea what it meant and the symbolism escaped me. I ran to watch them for a few minutes, as they moved over my house and out in front, where stood a set of tracks, before the rail-yard.

The thing is that I was so enamored with the pattern that I wanted to know what it meant. Is there somewhere I can find out why they would be flying in such a pattern and above so many houses? I would assume such a predator would prefer to keep in low visibility, although I can see the necessity in so many reaching a higher altitude to get a clear perspective of their hunting grounds.

I escaped into my own little world, where I imagined these birds had come as angelic prophets delivering unto me and the rest of the world some inscrutable message that would save us all. It’s not often that I have these delusions, but I assure you it’s more out of laziness than anything sinister. The one rational thought that clung to my delusions was that they had no need to hide. What they hunted was already dead. My own little world didn’t last long, before I saw the birds dancing above in their complex pattern as some augury of doom.

In a way, I guess I wasn’t wrong. What it was: (and I’m not sure, really, if this has anything to do with it, but it’s at least a coincidence) a man in his twenties was found dead by the train tracks about a block from my house. He’d been hit by the train. I won’t talk about the man or his motives, because so little has been said. I just felt like sharing the few moments I had believing I might actually be a prophet, before reality sprung forth and I entered that world. I hope for his family and friends to take their time over this weekend to appreciate his life and remember what good times they might’ve had, so that they might find some peace from his and their misfortune.

–Written with the utmost regret




7 thoughts on “Obscure Apocalyptic Sigl

  1. I buried my cat about the same time yesterday. She was nine years old and had been mauled by a dog within an inch of her life. I thought she might make it, but she slept and purred for five days and died.

    Those may have been vultures you saw. They can smell death. Hawks usually prey on live animals, like mice, birds, chickens. Local hawks know when my chickens get out to romp. They love to circle overhead while chickens run for cover and make warning noises.

    Hawks also like to ride “thermals,” which are warm air currents that rise in a funnel from warm spots on the earth. Birds and hang gliders use thermals to gain altitude.

    You didn’t say how long that man had been dead. It was probably quick for him, at least I hope so. Death is the great equalizer, isn’t it?

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    • I can’t say for sure, as I haven’t seen any follow ups yet on the man, but it must’ve been within a few hours from when he got hit. The police said it was likely a suicide.
      Death seems to be one of the only equalizers lately. The promise of it should keep us all humble.
      I also thank you for all that information. Someone had told me that they were seeing a number of ‘buzzard hawks’ in the area before this incident, but I have no idea about any of that.
      Also, sorry about your cat. May she rest in peace.

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      • Thanks for the condolences. Socksie will rest in peace. She had a happy life, a nature-loving, outdoor existence, and she witnessed a lot of drama. She deserves the peace, and buried with my other two peace-loving cats, she will have enduring companionship.

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