Refuge of My People

Decadent Monoliths

Lost Cultures of Columbia Turnpike (Ongoing study)

The Ruins of Ashland Chemical

Stewarts vs. a Market Place in Cairo

Fallujah of Upstate NY

Tree of Penance

The Baby Pool of East Saharan Africa

Lost Cultures of Columbia Turnpike: Kmart

Rensselaer Little League

Religions on the River

The Howl

Duality Point – The Blinding Stargate


The Adventures of Black Jesus I

Life of Theodore Grubb

Nothin’ More Murica

Cyrrhus the Great

The Pigeon Man

Del Cid

Wild Ogre Nether Regions

Self-Fulfilling Scripture

Kama, Patron Saint of the Doomed

Embrace of Calliope

Song of the Hill People

Tom – Middle Manager

Jahua the Debtor

The Bottle Men

Obscure Apocalyptic Sigl


No Fracking In The Wasteland

Growing Old In Riverfront Park

Nekkid Pic Nostradamus

Pooping in the Fitting Rooms


A Mild Case of Pedophilia

Tale of the Eternally Blinking Light

The Empty Scroll

Lost Soul Scripture 

Eternal State of Boredom

Duality Principle (Happy Late Xmas)


It Snowed and I Survived

Raconteur Street Blues

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Political Rants or the Outside World

Rattling the Monkey Cage

A Pocky Lips

Pompeii – 2016 A.D.

ShitHouse Scripture

S.nake S.alesmen

Where The Buffalo Roam

Inauguration Day

A Quick Shout-Out to All the Vermin in the World – The World is Yours

We Built the Pyramids

Romo and Icarus

Flight of the Bumblebee

Flight of the Bumblebee II