Refuge of My People

Decadent Monoliths

Lost Cultures of Columbia Turnpike (Ongoing study)

The Ruins of Ashland Chemical

Stewarts vs. a Market Place in Cairo

Fallujah of Upstate NY

Tree of Penance

The Baby Pool of East Saharan Africa

Lost Cultures of Columbia Turnpike: Kmart

Rensselaer Little League

Religions on the River

The Howl

Duality Point – The Blinding Stargate


The Adventures of Black Jesus I

Life of Theodore Grubb

Nothin’ More Murica

Cyrrhus the Great

The Pigeon Man

Del Cid

Wild Ogre Nether Regions

Self-Fulfilling Scripture

Kama, Patron Saint of the Doomed

Embrace of Calliope

Song of the Hill People


No Fracking In The Wasteland

Growing Old In Riverfront Park

Nekkid Pic Nostradamus

Pooping in the Fitting Rooms


A Mild Case of Pedophilia

Tale of the Eternally Blinking Light

The Empty Scroll

Lost Soul Scripture 

Eternal State of Boredom

Duality Principle (Happy Late Xmas)


Political Rants or the Outside World

Rattling the Monkey Cage

A Pocky Lips

Pompeii – 2016 A.D.

ShitHouse Scripture

S.nake S.alesmen

Where The Buffalo Roam

Inauguration Day

A Quick Shout-Out to All the Vermin in the World – The World is Yours

We Built the Pyramids